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Ultimate list of 23+ marketing Tools, Software and Plugins for Pinterest

Do you know how many active users pinterest have ? 20 million ? 50 Million ? NO, it is closer to 100 Million. Even though it launched in 2010, this simple image sharing site has grown exponentially with its simple boards and pin feature. It has its own niche market with 80% users being females. 

As a marketer and small business, as much as you want to focus on Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and Google+, you can't ignore pinterest specially if your target audience is same as Pinterest users (females with 18 to 45 age group who are tech savvy). If done properly, Pinterest can bring significant traffic to your site and with high conversion to leads. 

Though it is pretty easy to use pinterest, still you use tools, software, plugins etc to automate some parts of your pinterest marketing. Here is a list of such marketing software and tools. if you know more such tools please post them in comments and I will add them in the list. Also do not forget to check InBoundio on pinterest too as we have pinned lot of useful infographics under inbound marketing. To make the list useful, we will be dividing the tools into these 3 categories I. Create Images for Pinterest II. Manage Pinterest Images, Promotions, Automation and Analytics III. Browser and CMS extensions, modules and plugins for Pinterest

List of tools, sites and apps to create images for Pinterest

1. PinWords - Tool to create images for pinterest, offers text resizing and placing it at various part of the image to give you more freedom to create custom pinterest images. 

2. Pinstamatic - Another tool like PinWords using which you can create images for pinterest. This has various design elements as drag and drop to speed up the part of creating a pin. 

3. Recite - a very simple tool which converts text (quotes) into image templates. 

4. Chisel - You can write your text and thoughts on photos or can upload your own photos. 

5. PicMonkey - PicMonkey is a very big site and is not primarily for pinterest but it has excellent image editing features which you can use to create pins as well can share these images on tumblr, facebook etc

 6. Quozio - Another tool like recite which has simple text/quote add into image feature. 

7. QuotesCover - you guessed it, another simple tool to convert text into images 

8. - create to create graphic images on existing templates. actually is more generic site and create custom images which can be used on physical object and you can purchase them from the site. 

9. iPiccy - Simple online photo editor 

10. Someecards - Create your own ecards with existing image templates which you can use as pins. 

11. ShareAsImage - Another great visual Pinterest marketing tool is the former Pin A Quote. This tool allows you to create photos with quotes. If you notice, memes with quotes are now popular. If you think that you want more than the basic tools, you can get an upgrade for less than $7. 

12. Viraltag - Viiraltag is more for the multi tasking individual who manages more than one social media account. If you are working as a social media expert on the side, this allows you to publish pins on the best time and even upload bulk photos. 

13. PicMonkey - Everything is now visual. If you have a dull product shoot, the next step is to hype it up with your PicMonkey account. This is a free online image editor that is great for small businesses that do not have the money to invest on photoshop or a graphic designer.

II. Manage Pinterest Images, Promotions, Automation and Analytics

14. PinAlerts

- This tool is a great metrics for a content’s performance. So how does this thing work? Pinalerts was made in order to let Pinterest users know who shares the content that you made on Pinterest. Though you can check manually on the Pinterest site, PinAlerts automates everything for you. This allows you to receive email notifications whenever users bookmark anything to their own site.

15. Tailwindapp

- Do you need numbers, and analytics? If you are someone who is in constant need of these things, then PinLeague is a thing that you want to have on your side. In fact, this is a tool used most likely by the pros. 

16. Woobox Pinterest Tab - Tapping the community is one of the best ways on how you can increase the followers in Pinterest. This allows you to link your Facebook fan page and your Pinterst account to multiply the clout that you currently have on your niche. 

17. Pinwoot - Starting out in Pinterest? If you are looking to increase your followers, then this is the best solution that you can take. If you do not like buying followers, you can get followers for free in exchange for the seeds. How do you acquire seeds? You get seeds by following other users. Also, you can give away seeds for followers to follow your own account. 

18. Pinvolve - Facebook is still the biggest social media tool out there. If you want to sync your Facebook and your Pinterest account without any problem, this is the tool that can help you. If you are the type of social media manager who simply posts same things to your different social media accounts, this can be the best way to reduce the work. 

19. Piqora - Piqora is the type of tool that you want to use not only for Pinterest but also for Instagram and Tumblr. This is a good way to track promotions and manage content that you use online. With a Social CRM tool, this allows companies to better know social conversions of their posts. 

20.  Pinterest Web Analytics - Pinterest launched their free analytics tool in 2013 which gives analytics and insight data in to your pinterest account. Since other tools can not pull and display such internal data, this makes this tool very valuable. 

21. Curalate - Curalate is a marketing softwrare helps you to create images, manage them and do analytics on them. Since it revolves around images, it can be a very handy tool for Pinterest marketers.


III. Browser and CMS extensions, modules and plugins for Pinterest

22. StudioDesign - helps you to create graphic images on iPhone 

23. Pinterest Badge -  This wordpress plugin shows pins from your account on your sidebar just like facebook like box.  If you know more such tools, software, plugins and extensions please put them in comments and I will add them in the list.  

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