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So is SEO finally Dead ?

Today Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz (for whom I have a lot of respect) announced that they are moving from SEOMoz to Moz and are launching a new inbound marketing Analytics tool. 

Now I am reading SEO is dead since 2006 and every year hundreds of people write blog posts and forum posts that how SEO is getting difficult (to which I do agree) and how difficult it is to gain the search engines now and that SEO is Dead. 

Well SEO as Search Engine Optimization certainly looks to be like taking its last breath considering most of the firms are now moving to user engagement and conversions and search engine rankings are taking backseat as a parameter in measuring success of marketing campaigns. Social Media usage and many other non search engine based methods have also made SERP somewhat less important. 

In the end, the only thing that matters is ROI so if the user is getting better ROI without spending a fortune on SEO campaigns and SEO agencies, he won't do it. I feels SEO will still have its value but not in the traditional sense but it will evolve into user engagement (User Engagement Optimization?) and Lead Generation, Sales Funnel and Conversion will take precedence over change in search engine rankings.

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