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My Predictions on Where Inbound Marketing is Headed in 2014

I saw many blogs talking about where Inbound Marketing will be heading in 2014 and predictions on trends and how it will be. Though little late (it is better late than never, right?) I thought to write this blog post as it do looks like that online marketing industry is at point of inflection and lot of things which people were doing till now (and which were getting obsolete) will finally die in 2014.

Here are 5 things which will happen in 2014

1. Expect almost all SEO Companies to Move to Inbound Marketing

This is a no-brainer, SEO for some reasons (right and wrong) has got associated with gaining and manipulating the system and with search engines becoming so refined and advanced, it is getting difficult to sell SEO as a standalone service. Not to mention, with the FUD around Google not liking people building links the easy way, expect the clients to stay away from it too. Online Marketing has always been top-heavy meaning few set of people and companies often define where it is heading and this time it looks like it will be inbound marketing way.

2. You will be hearing more about Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Leads, Conversions, Sales etc and Less about Traffic Generation, Backlinks, Blasting and Spamming

Expect to see more "new" marketing terms (in relative terms) and expect terms like traffic generation, backlinks and comment spam to disappear. There is of course lot of old published content spread across the web (mostly in online forums) which misguide people but this may be the last year of existence for such content too and it should disappear from search engine results.

3. Long Tail of Marketing Automation will Rise

Small businesses will finally realize that they need to automate part of their marketing efforts and bring more structure to their campaigns. This means businesses will be more open to use paid marketing tools and agencies have to spend less time trying to convince the clients.

4. Inbound Marketing and Technology will be more Closer Than Ever Before

It is not just small businesses but expect marketing agencies to start using more automation tools and to build structured processes. Expect larger companies like IBM, Oracle, SalesForce and Adobe to explore the long tail of marketing automation as well as many vertical businesses to get into marketing automation too.

5. Inbound Marketing Education and Training

Expect more and more people to publish content and training material on inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing companies like Moz, HubSpot, InBoundio and sites like will keep on publishing/aggregating more content but I am expecting to see Inbound Marketing material on and similar online education websites too. Expect more companies offering inbound training to employees of mid and large size businesses too. 


If you feel I missed out on something or you want to add more to the post, feel free to post it as comments.


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