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How to use Presentations and Slideshare for Marketing to get more Traffic and Leads

Two weeks back I had published a PPT on Slideshare called "25 Ways to do Content Marketing" and since it got featured on slideshare homepage, I felt like taking it as a use case to show how you can use slide shows and sites like slideshare to spread your content and get leads. Here is that presentation


I had spent lot of time writing all the content and making that design including taking help of a designer to get the images. The effort did paid off as the ppt hit slideshare homepage under "Hot presentations of Today" and it did generated few inquiries about inBoundio. 

Here are the total stats so far from slideshare in 16 Days (I had published it on 3rd of July 2013) 

Slideshare stats of Content Marketing PPT 

Slideshare and similar sites like DocStoc can be excellent way to spread information and build followers. Slideshare offers embedded code and sharing option on social medias which further increase the number of people who can look at it. 

How to make a good PPT so it gets onto Slideshare Homepage 

1. Ideally you want to have 15-18 slides minimum. Each slide should either present a new point or extend the current point. Avoid being monotonous and repetitive. 

2. Do not put too much text in slides. it just make them unreadable. Most of the people can understand the point with just 1-2 line anyway.

3. Get custom design and images - If you have some budget, try to get custom templates and few custom images to make your PPT look standout. I have noticed that it is not worth spending hours customizing a presentation, you are just better of hiring someone to do it. 

4. Check to get the design ideas. You don't have to make it as good as others as most of them are built by high-end designers but still don't keep the bar too low. 

5. Do not hard sell it, keep the slides informative, and you can use last slide to tell about yourself. 

6. Do make sure that the links are clickable. 

7. Slideshare do format and process presentations so make sure you don't have aspect ratio problem. I uses Libre Office on Ubuntu and I never tested the PPT on windows which eventually caused some formatting problems which I can not fix now. 

8. Please please make sure there are no spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It is very easy to make very minor mistakes which can undo all the good work. You can always delete and upload new ppt and I think slideshare keep the same url too but still make sure you ask someone to proof read it. In my final version, I had multiple spelling mistakes in both presentation and images too. 

9. Good slides can easily take 15-30 hours from start till end and sometimes even more, so be patient and do not rush in publishing it. 

How to spread your Presentation on the web 

1. Get on Social Media - Spread your PPT on LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, twitter and Google+. 

2. Embed it on your blog and other web properties - I have got more views through embeds (by others) then through slideshare. 

3. You can use slideshare promotion too so more people can see it. 

4. Do follow others presentations and like them (specially if there are people who are commenting and liking your presentation), slideshare do have social angle to it and I have seen people often reciprocate.

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