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How to do Drip Marketing with inBoundio Software

If you are an online marketer, you are familiar with email marketing tools. Unfortunately. most of the tools like Mailchimp, Getresponse and Constant Contact only provide email marketing rather than elements to cover the complete marketing cycle. This means that  most  marketers  have to use 4-5 different pieces of software to manage landing pages, send emails, manage leads/contacts and send newsletters, make use of autoresponders and manage their drip marketing. 

With inBoundio for Marketers, you will get fully  integrated marketing software. In this post, I will  talk about how you can use drip marketing to get higher conversion rates, as well cover your complete marketing cycle. 

Creating Landing Pages

1. Go to 

2. Click on Create new landing page, select a template, give it a title and save the page. 

3. This will redirect to you to a  form field page, since you most likely will one one for the prospect to fill out. In this leads form page, you can fill “Redirect Url” where you want the landing page to redirect. You can also create form fields like name, email, etc. 

That’s it. If you check your page, you should see your landing page url. You can either use the hosted landing page of inBoundio, or copy/paste the javascript code for the landing page and use it on any html page. 

The filled leads data will get shown in the leads section at; now you can transfer the data to CRM. Landing Page Inboundio 

Create Autoresponders 

You can create an autoresponder so the user will get immediate emails after they have filled the landing page. It can also send emails at regular intervals. To create autoresponders: 

1. Go to and create a new autoresponder from 

2. Select the landing page associated with the autoresponder, so when the user fill the details on the landing page, he will get emails from that autoresponder. 

3. After creating the landing page, you need to select an autoresponder day. If you select 1, the email will be sent as soon as the user completes the landing page. If you select  2, the email will be sent 1 day after filling the form and so on. You can create multiple email templates with any landing page like 1,2,3, etc so these emails will be sent on  the following days. 

4. Enter autoresponder email subject. 

5. Select the email template which you want to send. 

That’s it. Now every time the landing page gets filled, the person will get an email on that day. You can create multiple such autoresponders for every landing page. 

You can also send emails to your mailing list, along with people who are filling the landing pages forms. Autoresponder Inboundio 

Drip Marketing and Scheduled Emails 

To do drip marketing and to send scheduled emails: 

1. Go to 

2. Select a template and enter the From Name, From Email id, and select the list you want to target with the email. 

3. After selecting the list, you can change the email body, as well as place tokens like first_name, last_name -- which will get replaced with the first name and last name of the contact from the CRM.

 4. Select the date and time you want to send this email through scheduler option. 

5. Click on Send mail. The emails will get sent at  the time you have chosen. Drip Marketing Inboundio

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