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How to build a Company if you don't know how to Code

This is not a marketing related post but still I thought to publish it on inBoundio blog so it can reach more people. Not to mention, some of the most popular posts on this blog are startup related only. Also many of the marketers want to launch their own marketing products but often struggle to start. 

If you are a startup founder who don't know how to code, you will face lot of problems building a product. Hiring good developers and freelancers is not easy, it costs money and always comes with risk. I have seen way too many people going backwards after investing lot of time and money. 

Unfortunately there is no short cut and silver bullet for this. You have to learn how to code or at least know technology stack to make decisions. This will stop you from over relying on others, speed up the decision making process and reduce the chances of making mistakes. Way too many startups fail because they chose the wrong framework to build or doesn't know the workarounds and plugins of frameworks.

For example, in 2013, when I started inBoundio, I wasn't very sure what features I want or how to build things, though I understood technology very well and is fairly good programmer, still I was struggling to make decisions due to lack of in depth knowledge so I took four months off and decided to spend it only on reading and learning. In those four months, I bought many agile development and programming books, subscribed and watched many development centric youtube channels, bought subscription of online services which teaches programming and did lot of online programming exercises. It was slow and I often struggled to learn many things but in the end it made me technically more capable then who I was earlier and now I understand complete technology stack of our product as well as any web, desktop or mobile product.

So if you are a marketing person or just don't understand technology and can't code, spend few months learning and understand technology. It is OK if you don't want o code or after spending few months haven't learn enough to code, but you should have strong grasp of technologies and technology stack as it will increase your chances of success many fold.

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