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How inBoundio got 100 Registrations in 60 mins from Reddit

I submitted inBoundio launch on HackerNews few days back, it was a soft launch but I felt it is worth sharing that we have reached 1000+ users, as expected the submission didn't took off and only got 2 upvotes and in 30 minutes, went to page 2 and just died after that. 

reddit inboundio 

As I often hang out on reddit specially on the startup subreddit I thought to submit it there too as there are plenty of startup founders and marketers hang out there and I have found reddit users to more diverse as compared to HN where you find more vertical crowd (everyone think and talk same, only same kind of content keeps on getting up voted etc) 

This is the result of reddit submission 

reddit inboundio submission I have yet to check the accurate traffic spike stats but we got 100+ registrations from reddit and got 4-5 personal emails/replies which were very helpful (the whole thread actually was very helpful). I made the changes to the site accordingly and I am still talking to few to make the product better. 

What went in our favor was the simplicity and honesty of the thread as well as there was something in the title which caught reddit community's eyes. In the past I have noticed that promotional content and boasting sales numbers doesn't work. If you are personal, the submission often clicks or at least you get real and genuine feedback. 

EDIT - I just realized that that reddit alien "Snoo" in the image is giving middle finger and not thumbs up as I thought earlier. Well, I guess I will still keep the image!

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