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Drip Email Marketing: Why Successful Businesses Love It.

Imagine for a moment, that you could set-up and send email follow-ups to guide your leads through your sales cycle? Think about just how much time you could save if all of your follow-up emails were completely automated, but appeared to be personal to your prospects? 

Welcome to drip email marketing!

Drip email marketing itself goes by a few names, the main ones being autoresponders and nurture series. In all cases, drip email is "marketing automation" and a major part of inboundio's solution to empower smaller businesses. 

When did drip marketing start?

Drip email marketing has astonishingly been around since 1992 when Action Plans first introduced in software called WinSales. And although WinSales is no longer around in its original form, the drip email invention by Bill Persteiner and Jim Cecil was the start of a sales and marketing revolution. 

Where does the name 'drip email marketing' come from?

Some people think the name came from a drip coffee machine, where the coffee would slowly filter through. This isn't true, and coffee addicts will make up any old story! The fact is that the name came from farming where farmers irrigate crops drip-by-drip, giving their plants the exact amount of water they need, when they need it. Coffee beans are a crop too right!

How does drip email marketing work?

Drip marketing is soo powerful because it lets your business get in front of prospects more times, significantly increasing the chances of a cold to warm lead turning into a sale. 

And it works like this: 

1. You pre-setup your drip email marketing campaign, including the intervals the emails go out and the content in them.
2. You can manually add a prospect to your drip email list, or automatically through your Landing Page's contact form. makes it a breeze.
3. Your drip emails are automatically sent but if you like, you can either remove people from your list or keep them on it depending on your drip email content.
4. It's legislation that any user can unsubscribe from your drip emails at any time. This 'unsubscribe' button is automatically included in all inboundio drip emails. 
5. You can use drip email marketing for much more than sales!

You can also use drip email marketing to send monthly newsletters, educational series or promotional emails and offers to your existing clients, to keep your business front of mind. In all cases, the goal is to give each prospect or customer a personal touch point, while removing the manual overheads and time for your business. 

What are the major benefits of drip email marketing?

While we've touched on a few, one of the biggest pros is keeping your business relevant. It's so easy these days to go to Google every time we want a product or service and simply forget about the last supplier we used. Drip email marketing combats this and keeps you relevant, 

Drip email marketing lets you automatically build deeper connections with prospects and customers, at a remarkably low cost. In fact, once your drip email marketing campaign is set-up, it will take almost no time to manage. 

Do smaller businesses need drip email marketing? 

- Does your business make sales? Then yes.
- Do you have leads you have not yet converted? Then yes.
- Do you want existing customers to return? Then yes

No matter what size or shape your business is, B2B or B2C, a local store or a massive global eComm business, drip email marketing is used by the world's most successful companies to save their marketing and sales people time while growing their bottom line revenue. 

What type of drip email campaign is right for you?

The answer is, it's different for every business. Below are the most common drip email marketing campaigns: 

1. Lead nurturing drip email marketing: Engage and keep leads warm, moving them constantly towards a sales target.
2. Educational drip email marketing: Educate and inform your clients about your products or services, or simply what's happening in your industry. 
3. Post-sale drip email marketing: to upsell and cross-sell. This series can also be used to notify clients of renewals drips, turn prior customers into brand ambassadors and more.
4. Re-targeting drip email marketing: Fire the spark back up of a prospect that you had close to a sale, but backed out for some reason. 

Does drip email marketing work? 

You might have heard the old rule of seven, which states that a prospect needs to hear or see your marketing messages at least seven times before they buy from you. Further studies like the DemandGen Report, show that lead nurturing drip email marketing gets 4-10 times the response rate when compared to once off email blasts. 

Forrester Research also concluded that businesses who run lead nurturing campaigns get 50% more sales, at an astonishing 33% lower cost than companies that don’t run drip email nurture campaigns. 

So what's the catch?

Like all good things, there is a catch. And in the drip email marketing world, it's a big one! The catches aren't costs, nor technology. In fact, the catch is very simple: To be effective, you MUST provide remarkable value to your clients.

This means that from your very first email, your content needs to be amazing. From the subject line to the last word in each email, your content needs to seriously help or entertain your audience. Get this wrong, and your entire drip email series can be for naught, especially if your first emails in your series do not resonate properly with your audience. 

Like to try your own drip email marketing campaign?

Setting up a drip email marketing campaign takes a little upfront work, but it's absolutely worth it. And with inboundio, your drip email campaigns are just the beginning. Inboundio has:

- Fully automated CRM integration.
- Beautiful email designs you'll love sending.
- Track and analyze open your click-throughs rates.
- You can easily re-order campaign days and times, so your campaigns are fully flexible.

Try today, drip emails without wasting a drop of time.

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