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Do these 2 things regularly to have a successful blog for your Business

I was looking at the traffic older posts of InBoundio have got and here are the 3 most popular posts on this blog 

1. SEO for Ruby on Rails (Complete Guide) 

2. 51 Inbound Marketing Ways to Market your Startup and Business on Shoestring Budget 

3. 10 WordPress Plugins to do better Inbound Marketing 

And here are the 3 posts which got least traffic 

1. Are you a Marketing or Design Company ? Partner with InBoundio for Inbound Marketing Services and Consultancy 

2. 51 Marketing Quotes to get you Up and Going! 

3. So is SEO finally dead ? 

You can see by yourself why few posts did well and why few bombed. 

Way too many times when businesses decide to publish blog post content they hire freelancers or outsource content and publish very generic content which already exist on the web and no one wants to read it. Blog posts which have no useful info most often fails to get any visibility. 

Also it is important to communicate with your users. I see this all the time with Moz blog where every post is written in such way to involve the reader and to start a discussion and make readers communicate. 

So if you are a small business looking to use content marketing to generate leads, make sure you do two things right 

1. Publish useful content for others.
2. Communicate with users directly and involve them, don't just write. 

What do you think ? btw here is a very nice image summarizing what makes a blog success

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