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Create Your Own Marketing Products -- inBoundio PRO has just launched, with white labeling solution

Today’s the day!  We are launching inBoundioPRO,  a white labeling solution of inBoundio.

With this  powerful new tool you can create your own marketing products and solutions. Host on your own domains. Customize the product to suit your needs and create your own plans.

Other marketing automation software products offer only SaaS solutions to marketers, agencies and enterprise customers. inBoundioPRO is the first marketing solution that provides a white label solution that can be hosted on end users’ domains with customization.

We were getting plenty of queries about this, so I thought, why not ? Want to learn more iinBoundioPRO, and see the demo, pricing and features?  Contact me via our  contact us page or send me an email to .


Features of inBoundPRO (white-label solution)

  1. Create your own marketing software and product using inBoundioPRO.
  2. Host the full code on your domain and customize everything  --  your logo, name, design, etc. You do all this through the admin panel. Of course, we are there to help you, too.
  3. Create your own plans, landing page and email template, and use local languages.
  4. Ideal for marketers, marketing agencies, and anyone wanting to build a business with his own marketing software.
  5. Our inBoundio team will do the setup and customization on your server.
  6. Support is always available to manage and run your installation.

Who can use inBoundioPRO ?

  1. Marketers looking to launch their own marketing products.
  2. Marketing agencies and PR firms needing a platform to manage their users, and to offer their solutions and services along with marketing services.
  3. Marketing coaches wanting a system to manage their users, as well as offer their coaching programs.
  4. Inbound marketing service providers wanting more customization and features to  tightly couple their software with their other products, including their inbound marketing services. Say goodbye to 3rd party software!
  5. Internet entrepreneurs and small businesses  interested in starting an online business aimed at  local businesses. inBoundioPRO is an excellent option for you, because all you’ll have to focus on is finding the users.
  6. Marketers, or anyone wanting to reach only speciifc niche verticals like legal, medical, or manufacturing. Customize the software to target just your niche segments.

I am Interested ? What do I do Next ?

Try out our demo by visiting The white label solution will come with all the features, including the  admin panel which allows you to customize everything without touching the code. We dol the initial setup on your server and help you with support. For pricing, please contact us via our contact page.

Screenshots of inBoundioPRO

We are still refining the admin dashboard, but these are the early screenshots of it. The admin dashboard lets you  customize your installation,  as well as manage the features and users.

Admin Dashboard

inBoundioPRO Admin Settings

Create new Landing Page and Email Templates for Users

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.49.19 pm

Create your own apps for your users to so they can connect to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

New App Settings

Site Administrator

Site Admin Dashboard


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InBoundio is the world’s simplest inbound marketing software targeted towards individuals, small businesses looking to organize their Internet Marketing efforts as well as Marketing or Design Agencies looking to offer an easy to use white label / reseller service to their clients.

Offering Social Media Marketing, Landing Pages, CRM, Drip Marketing, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Reporting and Analytics, InBoundio has all the essentials you need in one simple, powerful and affordable solution.


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