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Advanced Internet Marketing Glossary

There are plenty of Online Internet Marketing glossary list on the web, but I thought to have one such list for Inboundio too as a reference guide so I can link back to it whenever needed. I also thought to keep it a blog post rather than making a list as I want to keep on adding terms to it. Last Edited on - 17th April 2013
  • AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) - Lifecycle of consumer engagement with an advertisement. Read more about AIDA here
  • Agile Marketing - Marketing based on agile methodologies of agile software development. Scott Brinker has some informative posts on agile marketing here and here.
  • Attitudinal Segmentation - Segmenting your customers on the basis of what they think about your product. For example, the common segments are Very positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative and very negative.
  • Behavioral Segmentation - Segmenting your customers on the basis of their activities. For example, you can divide your customers into segments based on their purchase activity during holidays.
  • Bounce Rate - Number of people leaving the site immediately from the page on which they landed.
  • Buzz Marketing - Marketing activities which creates buzz and make media and people talk about the product.
  • Call to Action - Call to Action is some image, button or text which ask the user to take some action like filling the form to get something in return.
  • Content Marketing - Writing and distributing content as promotional marketing activity or to inform the customers.
  • Conversion Rate - the number of people actually opted in out of those who were targeted. For example, if you sent an email to 1000 users and 700 opened the email, then the opening rate is 70%. Conversion rate is mostly useful when funneling leads.
  • Conversion Funnel - Often used in ecommerce, it is the steps which a user goes through before making the order. The common steps are viewing the product page, adding it to cart, completing the payment etc
  • Crisis Public Relations - part of Public Relations where the PR agent manages connectivity and multi channel communication. Read more about it here.
  • Customer Analytics - it involves collecting user behavior data and to understand the activities of the user and to build marketing activities using the information
  • Customer Segmentation - segmenting the customers based on various factors like behavior, demography etc
  • Digital Asset Management - Digital Asset Management is managing all the documents, storage, retrieval and distribution in the organization. Read more about DAM here
  • Event Driven Marketing - also called trigger based marketing, is the system doing some action when the user do something. Event driven marketing is often used in banking sector.
  • Geotargeting Content - Showing different content depending based on countries and IPs. Often used by multi national companies on their sites.
  • Facebook Marketing - using facebook to marketing your product either through apps or through landing page. It also includes facebook ads.
  • Integrated Online Presence - term used to cover the online presence of the organization which can be community, blog, guides, case studies, presentations, videos, social media etc
  • Integrated Suites and Enterprise Marketing Management - Enterprise products used to manage marketing campaigns and to do cross channel marketing. Products like IBM Unica and Teradata Aprimo are considered to be enterprise marketing automation and management softwares.
  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing - getting some valuable information of a prospect and to further refine it by removing useless information and unqualified leads.
  • Marketing Automation - repetitive activities and processes which are automated by marketing department. Most often it is done through using some marketing automation softwares
  • Marketing Intelligence - Everyday information and data of an organization which can be used to determine market opportunity and to build strategies. Read more here
  • Marketing Reource Management - MRM generally refers to technology for the areas of planning, design and production within marketing. You can Read more about it here
  • Media Planning - Media planning is generally the task of a media agency and entails finding the most appropriate media platforms for a client's brand or product. The job of media planning involves several areas of expertise that the media planner uses to determine what the best combination of media is to achieve the given marketing campaign objectives.
  • Mobile Marketing - Marketing activities involving smartphones and mobile/sms ads
  • Multi Channel Marketing Management - managing marketing activities involving both online and offline channels
  • Personalization - showing custom information based on personalized profiles
  • Permission Marketing - asking the user to opt in (and double opt in) before sending them any newsletters and emails
  • KPI in Marketing - Key Performance Indicators in Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing - Relationship marketing was first defined as a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions. Based on long term customer value.
  • Revenue Optimization and ROI of Marketing - Processes involved in optimizing revenue through marketing efforts.
  • Search Analytics - Search analytics is the analysis and aggregation of search engine statistics for use in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, search analytics helps website owners understand and improve their performance on search engines
  • Search Retargeting - Search retargeting is a form of behavioral retargeting employed by online marketers that target an audience based on the previous searches they conduct on other websites.[1] Unlike site retargeting or site remarketing, search retargeting is designed to find new customers which have likely never been to a marketers website before.
  • Web Analytics - Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage
  • Web Marketing Campaigns - Set of all the processes and activities involved in marketing with defined goals
  • Webmasters Central - Google webmasters toolset is collectively called Webmaster Central
  • Word of Mouth Marketing - Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM, WOM marketing), also called word of mouth advertising, is normally free form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product, service, or event. Word-of-mouth is one of the most credible forms of advertising because people who don't stand to gain personally by promoting something put their reputations on the line every time they make a recommendation. See buzz marketing too above.
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