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27 Websites to Submit your Startup

While we were building inboundio (the small business all-in-one digital marketing tool) we spent a lot of time getting our name out there. So if you have just finished building your company or product website, you probably want to do some initial promotion or to at least get some visibility on the web to get the early adopters. Here is a list of such websites where you can submit your product website to get the ball rolling. 

Major Sites where you can submit your Startup (Last Edited - 12th May 2013) 

1. HackerNews - If you have technology related startup and/or looking for some feedback, you can post it at HackerNews. Do not forget to mention that you are looking for feedback or give it overly promotional title. 

2. TechCrunch - You can send "tips" to techcrunch from here. The chances of you getting covered through this are very rare but it may work if you can give some spin to your sales pitch. 

3. Mashable - Mashable often covers consumer based startups (or anything which is of interest to its users) so it is worth submitting to it too here. If you get covered fine, if not, that is OK. Do try to send them something newsworthy rather than just telling the features of the startup. 

Secondary Sites to submit your startup 

Other than the above list, you should look to submit to following sites too. 

4. KillerStartup - Sometimes it looks spammy with no filters but still its feed is often circulated on the web so it is worth submitting to killer startup. Its listing pages do rank well in search engines though them asking about company finances is a little turn off, not to mention they saying that free submissions takes 3-6 months for approval and for quick listing, you need to pay $197! (Edit - It seems they have lost focus and are aggregating news feeds and all kind of other stuff too) 

5. SpringWise - Mostly revolve around ideas, not for everyone but still worth submitting to if you think it suits you. (It seems to be having less Internet and more offline startups)

6. CrunchBase - There are 130,000+ "startups" listed at CrunchBase and it actually is a good place where you should have your company profile as these profiles rank really well in search engines. 

7. Go2Web20 - mostly for web apps, old site but it still has some good activity. You need to make the submission through emailing them. 

8. VentureBeat - VentureBeat profiles are just like crunchbase profiles, worth creating. Some of the other lesser known Sites where you can submit your startups and app websites 

9. NetWebApp - Listing directory of web and mobile apps. 

10. Betalist - well if you are fine giving finer details about your startup and product, it is worth registering and filling the format and Betalist

11. AboutYourStartup 

12. AppVita 

13. StartupWizz 

14. RateMyStartup 

15. StartupTunes 

16. FeedMyApp 

17. 101BestWebsites 

18. MakeUseOf - Though primarily a HowTo Blog, 

19. Ziipa - You can submit your mobile and web apps here 

20. OntheApp 

21. TheStartupPitch 

22. AppUseful 

23. listio 

24. TechPluto 

25. StartupLift 

26. - just like betalist 

27. Vator - like Venturebeat Profile, you can create profile for your startup 

I am sure there will be few more sites which I couldn't list so if you know more such sites, do post it in comments, I will edit the post and add them. We hope you love these marketing sites, and thanks for stopping by inboundio, the best Marketing Automation Software, helping small businesses increase their leads and sales every day.

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