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23 Ways to do Content Marketing

It took me few days to compile and write this post but finally it is UP. Content is around which inbound marketing revolves around as you want to write high quality useful content and want to spread across the web through various channels to attract your potential customers. 

So here is the list of 23 ways to do content marketing (I will keep on updating this list with more info and links so you can bookmark this post, also I will cover each point as separate post in coming weeks)

1. Blogging

There is nothing better than regular blogging to build a brand and followers. Now days people want personalization and there is nothing better than a blog to have that personal connection. Every big company (albeit few are doing it all wrong, e.g. Adobe Marketing Blog which is very poorly managed) 

Tip – Don’t blog to market yourself or tell the world how great you and your product is but instead educate people. People are really not interested in knowing how great your company or your product is, what they want is how they can get benefitted. 

2. Case Studies 

You can write interesting and informative case studies to build your authority on the subject. For example, for inBoundio, I will be writing case studies on how clients are using it and how it is helping them to get more traffic and to keep their marketing campaigns organized. 

You can publish these case studies either at your blog or at your site either as documents or pdf files. 

3. HowTo and Guides 

Write HowTo and Guides on your vertical and spread them on the web through social media. For example, I am writing this "25 Content Marketing guide" guide hoping that it will become an authority article and can attract good traffic. 

4. Press Releases 

If you have launched something new (or a major feature), do write a genuine press release and submit it to major PR sites. Some of the major PR sites are 

I personally feels you should only publish a PR if there is indeed something newsworthy. It is also a good idea to put that PR on your website under News section too. 

5. Infographics 

people have short attention spa ... oh look butterflies ...on the web so infographics do work well. You can get a decent infographic done in $100 from some freelancing websites like and I have got few done at $25 but the quality wasn't that good. Do make sure that you put your link at bottom right. 

6. Reports and Trends

Just like case studies, you can create authority trend reports which you can distribute on the web through web, emails and social media. 

7. Articles 

Write Articles and submit it to major syndication and article sites. Unfortunately most of the sites are spammed to death and with last years google updates, article sites have been discounted as far as link value is concerned but this should not be your concern, since you are looking for targeted traffic, right ? 

8. eBooks 

Create informative PDF ebooks and spread it on the web. Do not forget to create mobile versions too. You can find the list of sites where you can upload your ebooks here 

9. Web Forums 

Without spamming, you can use relevant web forums to build authority and promote yourself. It is of course thin line and more often than not, people do cross it. I think the trick is to not use forums to promote yourself but do share your knowledge. For example, I did posted the SEO for drupal article to few drupal related sites.

10. Write Reviews 

Reviews can be used in two ways 

1. You writing reviews of your product or comparing other products including yours.
2. You asking others to review your products. You can do this through giving them free samples or subscriptions or offer them to write guest blog posts. 

11. Guest Blog Postings 

Contact other bloggers and give them the material (preferably a nicely written non promotional blog post) for them to publish. This can be an amazing source of traffic as well as to build authority for your content.

  12. Videos Create informative videos (not promotional), upload them on the major video hosting sites and cross link them with your content 

13. PPTs Create PPTs like this and upload them at slideshare, docstoc and other such sites and cross link/embed them in your other content. 

14. Images and Photos Other than infographics, You can share images related to your vertical. For example, many web analytics companies share diagrams and images related to segmentation, funneling of customers etc on their blogs (they create these to explain their product) and on image sharing websites. You can use Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Flickr, imgur to spread your images. Do not forget to put your company name at the bottom right corner, you can use services like picfont or onlineimageeditor

15. Interviews Taking interviews with good questions and publishing it on your blog and you can also get interviewed by other bloggers 

16. Lists make Top 25 ..Hello...Top 51 kind of lists. They attract attention of new followers and are often spread on social media 

17. Q/A Websites Answer at Quora and similar sites to build authority. Quora can be indeed a really good source of traffic if your product/company appeal to the quora crowd. There is also yahoo answers albeit not that useful, you can still search and make some relevant answers linking to your relevant content. 

18. Facebook Facebook can be a great medium to get good exposure if you can market it properly. You can post your content as well as interact with your customers and find potential customers too. An active Facebook page do helps in building lot of trust for the brand too, just make sure you don't overdo excessive promotion and link posting. You can check this article too to know more how you can use Facebook. 

19. Twitter Twitter can be used to cross link and promote your other content and twitter hashtags can be excellent source to find first time users. Having a good number of followers on twitter do help you to spread your content as well as to build brand trust. I am using and feedburner to post post directly to twitter so you can do that too. 

20. Linkedin Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can cross link and promote your content to LinkedIn through LinkedIn updates. 

21. Google+ - If you have not created your company profile, you are certainly missing out as G+ content rank well in google and is linked to various profiles of users who are liking your G+ content (for example YouTube profiles are linked to Google+ profiles). 

22. Local Business Listings You can submit your content to google local, local classifieds, and similar sites. I will make a separate post on this in future about local listings as there is a lot to write! 

23. Podcasts - I wasn't very sure to put this but decided to have it. This is more vertical focussed but if you think you can do some content promotion through podcasts (why just do text and video?) then why not ?

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