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18 Questions an Inbound Marketing Agency should ask to its Clients ?

If you are an inbound marketing agency offering inbound marketing services, you probably want to have a set of questions ready to ask to the clients to understand their requirements better as Inbound marketing efforts need to be planned in advance. Since it caters to a specific target group, it’s important that the client and agency align themselves to the same philosophy as they try to achieve through their campaign. In order for you (the agency) to successfully execute an inbound marketing campaign, here are 18 questions you may want to run by your client before undertaking the effort - 

You can following categories for your questions, Target and Goals 

1. Who is Your Target Audience ? The very purpose of an inbound marketing campaign is not to have an instant mass reach but to segment and target the core consumer base. Thus, the client needs to be very clear in terms of defining who their target audience is. 

2. What Goals you have for the inbound marketing Campaign ? 

If the objective is to yield immediate financial returns or witness a splurge in traffic overnight then inbound marketing may not be the best strategy for them. By its nature, inbound efforts aim to engage a customer. At the same time, knowing the objective will provide you with a roadmap to implement the campaign. Is it lead generation ? Is it pushing sales by 20% ? Whatever it may be, unless you don’t know what the specific objective is, you will not be able to satisfy them.

To Summarize, here is the list of 18 questions you can (and should) ask to the Client

1. What are the marketing channels you are currently using? 

2. Which marketing channels has given the best ROI? 

3. Who do you want to reach with your online marketing? Who is your target market? 

4. Is your audience online? Do they actively use the Web / Social Networks? 

5. Where are the majority of your target customers located? (local, regional, nationwide) 

6. Who are your competitors ? 

7. Who are your current customers? 

8. What are the demographics of your target customer base? (age range, profession, male/female etc.) 

9. What is your current statistics for the following?
Lead Acquisition Cost:
Lead Conversion Cost:
Annual Customer Value:
Lifetime Customer Value: 

10. What are the expectations for your online marketing? (In the first six months generate $50,000/year in online sales or generate 20 qualified leads per month, etc.) 

11. What is your monthly marketing budget range that you have in mind? 

12. What is the positioning you want to adopt for your brand ? 

13. Are you going to supplement the campaign with 'push' marketing techniques ? (banner ads, video ads, etc) 

14. Do you have an existing list of email database ? 

15. What is your content strategy ? 

16. How would you define your target audience's profile ? 

17. Is there any particular campaign that you liked ? If yes, then why ? 

18. What other marketing strategies are you adopting so that there is a sync in all marketing activities ? 

If you know any more such questions which you can (or should) ask to clients, please post it in comments and I will add it in the list.


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