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10 Informative Infographics about Inbound Marketing

People say a picture is worth thousand words, so here is our ten thousand word blog post on various aspects of inbound marketing through infographics. If you know more such images, do post them in comments. 

1. Inbound Marketing coordinates

2. Inbound Marketing tools or tactics by Pardot 


3. Inbound Marketing Cycle 


4. Inbound Marketing Funnel 


5. Content Marketing as part of Inbound Marketing 


6. Five Elements of Inbound Marketing

7. Inbound Marketing Toolbox, Budgeting and Tactics 


8. Inbound Marketing Anatomy 

9. Content and Inbound Marketing 


10. 5 Step formula to Inbound Marketing 


  Bonus Infographic - So what is Inbound Marketing  

I often save nice and useful infographics in a folder or on InBoundio's pinterest account, I have taken these images from their and though most of them have the creators name, still if you are the owner of the infographic and want me to link to original source, I will gladly do it, just drop a message in comments.

 Also if you know any more such useful inbound marketing images, feel free to put them in comments too.  

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