Optimise Your LinkedIn Marketing with These 4 Methods for More Leads

LinkedIn with its 300 million user is a huge platform that allows professionals from all over the world to connect with each other and for job opportunities. However, the LinkedIn social media platform can also be used as a marketing platform for products and services created by your company, and it can even help you generate leads more efficiently. While many people suggest creating a few posts on your page, there are a few advanced, easy to use LinkedIn marketing practices that will help you get some impressive results!

1. Use LinkedIn InMail to Send Direct Emails to Prospective Leads

linkedin inmailLinkedIn Inmail is a powerful service that allows you to send mails immediately to any LinkedIn user. The best thing about this service is that you create use the mails from your email marketing campaign in order to access thousands of leads for your products. You can contact people that work in your field of work in order to get the best possible exposure. Using this method doesn’t involve any cost, instead it’s professional and highly efficient, since you will be able to increase the number of leads exponentially.

I often uses LinkedIn InMail to tell to people about InBoundio. Each InMail cost about $3-5 depending on the plan which you are in. Since any rejected/unreplied credits come back to you and are not counted, so you are guaranteed to have replies. InMail can work very well for small businesses and agencies who are selling high ticket items and need personal touch as well want to look professional.

2. Use LinkedIn Groups to Promote, Engage and Have Your Own Group

LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn makes it easy to communicate with other users with similar interests through LInkedIn groups many of those do allow cross promotion of various products and services. Most likely you already know about LinkedIn groups and are already a member of few but how many of the groups you are actively participating ?

You join either join an already established group that has a large exposure or can create a new group (though new groups often take time to take off) to start using LinkedIn Groups as your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

No matter what method you choose, you are bound to get an impressive exposure for your products and services if you engage with the community. If you do enter a group, remember to make regular posts, interact with other users, add connections, show the group icon in your profile, enable email communication and promote good content of others too.

3. Have complete LinkedIn Profiles for Higher LinkedIn Rank and in Search Engines

New LinkedIn ProfileMany LinkedIn marketers tend to think that having a LinkedIn profile with just the most important details in it is enough, when in fact that is far from the truth. Having a complete profile on LinkedIn is essential if you want people to find you easier, not to mention that with the help of a full profile you can also rank better in search engines, an essential thing if people are looking for persons in their field of work.

4. Engage with your Feed users and Write Content

linkedin engagementHaving a basic account on LinkedIn with complete profile doesn’t
cut it, you need to be as active as possible, write posts and engage your users. Add relevant posts for your field of work and share it with your connections through your feed. Active feed stream often helps attracting more connections and visibility to your profile.

If you know more such ways to use linkedIn for leads, product marketing and branding and various tools which can be used, please post it in comments.

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