List of Marketing Agency Software

With software like InBoundio PRO, you can launch your own marketing software company and agency where you can offer both the product and services but you may still want to use one more software to manage your marketing agency needs. Now there are plenty of marketing agency software available on the web, few of them are hybrid of project management and I have actually used many agencies using basecamp to manage their assigned task management work. I think it depends on your comfort zone and how you want to manage your work, some like to keep it casual and simple, some want more structured approach.

Unfortunately with Optify’s demise which was a good option for marketing agencies, there is a void as it looks like there is no such software available on the web which do both inbound online marketing as well as help marketing agencies manage their campaigns and internal work.

So here are some of the major marketing agency software

1. HatchBuck – They are a good SaaS solution for marketing agencies

2. Marketo – Marketo belongs mostly to marketing automation software and there are many such software like pardot, aprimo etc so I thought to add one of them as they can also be used as a marketing agency software but they offer very limited options are often costly.

Capterra has a list of software for marketing agencies but unfortunately this looks to be extremely outdated as software like Currenttrack and Admation are not having enough traffic.

If you know more such software, put it in comments and I will add them

  • Myung Corner

    Yes, these are really useful for promoting your viral marketing strategy.