List of sites to get your website and product reviewed and get feedback

If you are a small business or a startup who has recently launched a website (or a web based product) you probably want to get some early feedback and reviews on it. I had written two posts 27 Websites to Submit your Startup and 51 Inbound Marketing Ways to Market your Startup and Business on Shoestring Budget which lists many such sites where you can feedback and reviews. Here is another separate and more complete list of such sites –

1. Reddit – Check out various sub-reddits like /r/testing, /r/marketing, /r/design_critiques, /r/userexperience etc. You can find similar relevant subreddits depending on your niche. I have often used them to ask user feedback and asked right, you can get some great honest suggestions.

2. Webmaster Forums – There are various webmaster forums which have site review section. It may not work for everyone as most of these forums are filled with lot of noise with little signal but if you have a product targeting web users and webmasters, do have a look at this.

3. Criticue – Criticue is a nice site to get quick reviews from others. It is free and you have to review others sites to get your reviewed. I have used it for InBoundio and got good feedback from the users on the site design.

4. SitePoint forum – Sitepoint is primarily a design site

5. fivesecondtest – It is an excellent tool for getting quick reviews on your site design and I have often used it for InBoundio too. You just need to post your design/screenshot and its users will answer your questions and often give constructive feedback.

6. Hackernews – It has its own shortcomings like sometimes people get overly critical but still it is worth posting there to get some feedback on your product and business model.

Paid Options

1. – Usabilla is a paid service and providers you a control panel where you can create user tests.

2. UserTesting – UserTesting is another paid software + service which targets higher end of testing as well as offer mobile and enterprise testing. It do have very big and impressive client list though it is somewhat on costlier side. A test with single user costs $49.

3. Freelancing site – To get user feedback, you can always use sites like elance, odesk, and You can hire some one and pay him $10 or similar amount to do a thorough review of your website as well as go through its functionality and he can help you to find many hidden usability bugs. I had used a developer from Vietnam who helped me testing InBoundio payment gateway as well as various features functionality.

4. Microniche sites – Check fiverr, microworkers and even amazon mechanical turks. They may not suit everyone but can work well for quick and dirty testing.

if you know any more such options or such sites where small businesses and webmasters can get their site reviewed, do post them in comments.

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