List of Free PDF and eBook sites to upload your documents

Giving away free pdf and ebooks can be an excellent way to get more visibility for your business (provided it is not overly promotional). Here is the list of some major PDF and eBook site where you can upload your files and free giveaways.

1. Google drive – This is a must. Upload your document to your google drive document and make it pubic for everyone. Google docs rank fairly well in search engines.

2. Upload the file on your own server (where your site is hosted) and make the link indexable by linking it from your site and/or blog. This way, that file will be part of your site and the search engine traffic will come to your site.

3. Upload your file on file sharing websites using sites like, or which upload the files on multiple sites. Do note that most of the good sites do need login/password so you are better of creating them.

I have converted the SEO for Drupal article into a pdf and uploaded it to 10-12 such sites which should make it visible in and file search sites. Though I am not expecting much traffic  but still any visibility is good visibility.

4. Upload your file on and – I have seen content on docstoc and Scribd rank pretty well in search engines so you should upload your pdf ebook to them.

5. Upload your file on other web based file sharing – docstoc and scribd are not the only 2 sites where you can upload your files. Here are few more document hosting sites.

  4. (make sure to keep the file url public)
  8. (thre is a minimum 50 page limit, do check other terms too)This url has some more ebook submitting sites though many of them looks to be dead, still you can have a look.  

6. Create a torrent and seed it – You will be surprised number of people using torrents to share ebooks/pdf. You can create a torrent file using this artilce

7. Submit the ebook to various web forums depending on the niche – For example, SEO and webmaster related ebooks can be sumitted to digitalpoint and warriorforum. Many web forums have dedicated ebook section where you can share the ebook urls.

8. Create multiple extensions of eBook  – Other then pdf, you can create ebooks in multiple formats like epub, mobi, html etc. Everyone don’t have pdf reader installed on their devices and even if they have, why not give the users more option to access your content ?

9. Publish your book at Amazon – If you think you are able to write a decent book, you can self publish it at Amazon Kindle direct publishing.

10. Publish your book at android and iPhone marketplace – You will be surprised to see number of ebooks at android and iphone marketplace. If you have a product or selling something, it is worth publishing an ebook on these platforms. You can hire some freelancer at, or to create an ebook app. It should not cost more than $100.

Also here is the list of websites to create PDF ebooks online
You can use following websites to convert word or any document into PDF

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      • We just started using Slideshare and slideboom and getting tons of traffic to that way- seems too much and had to translate the site to english

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  • Alana Savva is the best in the best free ebook site i have found. Partly because the allow you to request books. They also update the site with quality reads daily.

  • Alana Savva is the best in the best free ebook site i have found. Partly because the allow you to request books. They also update the site with quality reads daily.

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