Lead Generation Software – AeroLeads

We were working on another product AeroLeads in parallel with InBoundio and after multiple iteration and feedback, we have launched the first finished version of AeroLeads. Earlier we were focussing on lead generation but decided to focus on prospect generation which is much easier to automate.

AeroLeads Screenshot

How to use AeroLeads to Generate Prospects and Leads ?

1. Install the Chrome Plugin of AeroLeads.
2. Search in Google and add any site, Company or Profile as prospect to AeroLeads (it will get transferred to AeroLeads when you click on the Transfer link).
3. AeroLeads will find all the possible contact info of any prospect. If it is company, it will find all the people who work in the company and add them as prospects alogn with finding all their contact details like email, phone number etc.
4. You can export this data to sites like HubSpot, Salesforce and Mailchimp.