10 Online Tools and Websites to make SEO and Marketing Reports

If you are a Marketing Agency or an SEO firm, you must be making monthly reports to send to your clients. Now most of the firms and agencies (and even webmasters) uses online report generators to create branded SEO and Marketing reports which shows various parameters to measure your campaigns.

You can of course make such reports by yourself too by gathering data from google analytics, Alexa and other similar installed analytics script but most of these reporting tools are reasonably priced (some of them are free too) and make professional looking branded reports (so you can put your own logo and company names) and it is worth giving them a try.

Here is the list of such SEO and Marketing report generating Softwares and Tools –

1. WooRank – WooRank though started in 2011, has quickly become one of the biggest website to generate SEO reports mostly because of heavy search engine ranking they get because of their hosted onsite reports. I have created report for inBoundio.com with their 7 day trial and it looked pretty good considering there wasn’t much traffic and data to show. The only problem with WooTools is that $149/month looks to be on costlier side though they do have $49/month plan too with no pdf downloads.

2. iwebchk – iWebChk is another popular tool like woorank which is much cheaper at $20.

3. FreeSEOReport – I am not sure the site is fully working or not as it has been some time since I have used it. I tried to generate a report for inBoundio but never got the mail with the report.

4. Tutor.rs – Tutor do some basic reporting for your site.

5. BrightLocal – is another SEO tool which helps you in creating SEO reports though it costs $20/month.

Some of the other lesser known or tools which gives partial report are –

6. OpenSiteExplorer – You can also use SEOMoz’s OpenSiteExplorer to get more data about your backlinks though it do not generate reports and shows limited data.

7. Juxseo – Simple one page web-based report.

8. SEOSiteCheckup – Simple one page web-based report.

9. Google Webmasters SEO Report – In your google webmasters account, you can see the option to generate cumulative reports so if you have access to client webmasters account, you can build the SEO reports.

10. Bing Webmaster Report – Bing Webmasters also gives you basic SEO report though just like google webmasters, you can only see the reports unless the site has installed bing webmaster code and you have the access to the account. You can find more about bing SEO report here

11. ahref – they have free basic reporting tool even though the tool is mostly for enterprise clients at $500/month

12. TrackPal – TrackPal makes nice visual reports from site analytics, social media, paid search and display.

LAST EDIT (2nd April 2014) – I will keep on adding more such sites as I find them, feel free to post them in the comments too

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