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All the Features You Need in One Complete Program
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Host on Your Own Domain

Have your own marketing software - your own logo, name, design. Stand out as your own brand, as you create your own plan, design your own landing page and email template, and use local languages.

Customization and Updates

No more struggling with a generic program! We do the setup and customize it all for you on your server. And when you need support, we’re there 24/7. Never lose a marketing opportunity again.

Complete Marketing Features

No more clicking from platform to platform to accomplish your marketing tasks! We’ve combined social media marketing, landing pages, CRM, Drip marketing, email marketing, autoresponders, reporting and analytics in one easy-to-use program. And we’re here 24/7 to answer any questions and offer help.


1. What will I get with inBoundio PRO ?
You will get the inBoundio inbound marketing software installed on your domain with full source code.

2. What is the cost of the software ?
inBoundio PRO costs $2997/year and the license comes for single domain usage.

3. What does the license constitutes ?
Please read the EULA of inBoundio PRO here.

4. Can I resell the software code ? can I build my own product on inBoundio ?
No but you customize and edit it for your usage. If you are looking to create your own marketing software using inBoundio PRO code, please contact us for enterprise license and pricing.

5. How to install the software ? where to host it ?
For limited time, we will do the setup and installation for free. The software will be hosted on Heroku or DigitalOcean and will cost $5 to $45/month depending on your hosting plan.

6. How to change the basic settings ?
All the basic changes are in the site admin settings only like logo changes, name changes etc. . I am working on a guide too which will help you to understand it better.

7. Why can’t I send emails ?
Yes you do need a SMTP server to send emails. You can use your google apps details to send 2000 emails per day for free or can register to mandrillapp in 5 mins to send 12000 emails per month for free.

8. Where did you get the landing page templates from, incase I would like other ones?
We created it specially for inBoundio. You can always download them for free from internet and just copy/paste them to create more landing pages.

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